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Synic Systems is a leading Deal Aggregator Development Company in Chennai, India. It has been Designing and Developing for over 3+ years. We have created some of the largest Deal Aggregator (Group Buying) Sites for our International clients with a functionality of Customized Development.

Daily Deal Aggregators fetching deals from varies deal websites like Groupon and Living Social to make a large list of daily deals in a specific geographical area. You’ll even have the ability to login and personalize your settings so you can take advantage of great deals.

Benefits of a Daily Deal Aggregator Website:-

Just you login to a daily aggregator deal website; you can choose your location with desired category like Health & Beauty, Electronics and Etc.., The websites have listings that include many large cities, so if your city isn’t listed, you can choose the one nearest you. Being able to choose your city makes it easier to find deals that you can take advantage of. You no longer have to sift through big sites or emails to find coupons for services in your area.

Daily deal aggregators also allow you to sign up for email notifications with location with desired category like Health & Beauty, Electronics and Etc.., With this feature you can tell the site to email you with the latest deals every day. This convenient setting means you don’t have to visit the site and login every day to see the coupons available. Once you sign up for the site and activate this setting, you can wait for deals to show up in your inbox.

Another convenient feature of many daily deal aggregators is the RSS feed. If you use an RSS reader to keep up with news stories and to follow your favourite blogs, this is especially convenient. You can add the deal aggregator to your reader and get the latest deals while you are reading the news and following blogs.

Daily deal aggregators are becoming more popular, and for good reason. These websites can save you time and money as they make it convenient for you to find the best deals in your area.

We have developed some no of daily deal aggregator websites and running successful on market. Please find the below daily deal aggregator website:-






Synic Systems has a very good understanding of such site and has developed many similar sites, to get a free quote or demo please email us at business@synicsys.com or contact us.

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