CS-Cart Team Has Been Released CS Cart Version 4.2.3

CS-Cart team successfully released Cs-Cart & Multi-Vendor 4.2.3 version with many more additional feature. Apart from bug fixes and improvements, they want to present you with several features to improve your store:

* Ability to edit store content (e.g., product names, prices, descriptions, button names, and many other visible elements) right in the storefront when you click the Edit Content On-Site button (Design ? Themes) in the admin panel.

* The new Call Requests add-on that can simplify and speed up the process of ordering. It adds a Buy Now With 1-Click button on a product details page in the storefront.

* Two brand new storefront styles: Brightness and MTronX.

* Improved Social Login add-on with the ability to log in with PayPal accounts and the new Seamless Checkout feature.

* To change grids position, you can simply drag-and-drop them.

We having a vast experience with CS-Cart eCommerce software, we provide professional CS-Cart custom development service.


Our team members has been successfully developed many medium and small custom development CS-Cart projects. We have implemented more than 300 modifications, integrated more than 70 payment and a dozen of shipping methods, and always ready to develop any module or modification which is not included in the standard CS-Cart version.

We guarantee high quality development according to all your requirements.

Cs Cart Version 4.2.3 custom development service includes:

Cs Cart Version 4.2.3 modifications of any difficulty.
Every modification is individually priced according to your specific requirements and
Your detailed query will reduce the time from the initial request to the modification development and its final installation.
If you are interested in Cs Cart Version 4.2.3 custom development service, please contact us with the detailed description of your project. Our team member will estimate the cost and answer all questions.

Cs-Cart Version 4.2.3:

We do all changes in Cs-Cart Version 4.2.3, Template creation for Cs-Cart Version 4.2.3 , cCs-Cart Version 4.2.3 mobile version development, Cs-Cart Version 4.2.3 add-on development, Cs-Cart Version 4.2.3 upgrade to latest version without data loss.
We also do other shopping cart to Cs-Cart Version 4.2.3 migration data as well as order in high security.


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